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To Work

Work, Meet & Party Like Never Before In The Business Heart Of Korba


Rental Offices

Rent a whole office on monthly basis

Co-Working & Chill Point

Work in a shared space at reasonable rates with access to chill out zone

Meeting Rooms

Book a private meeting room on hourly basis

Events at
QUBE Rooftop

Organise Events & Parties in a beautiful roof top and hall

Virtual Office

Get a professional office address without renting an office

Space To Make Your
Greatest Impact.

The sales grow higher, the work gets faster & you look smarter when you choose QUBE to welcome your clients. To know more about our modern work space solutions click the button below

We Provide All Facilities For Better Work Environment

Just as a plant needs water, sunlight & air to grow, a business also needs all the essential environment to grow. From Water, Sunlight & Air to Cafe, Wi-Fi & Meetings, we’ve  managed it all perfectly for you. With regular renovations of our premises & continuous upgradation in our services, we aim to give you the best we can in the whole Korba city. Know more about our latest launched services :

Ready-to-move Offices

We also provide a fully customized office according to your needs so as to save your time and effort

Friendly Price Package

Now work as low as ₹99/- per day with all the Office-essential facilities. Call us to know more

The Most Affordable Co-Working Place In The City​​

When it comes to the cost of renting an office in Korba, we challenge that nobody can be more affordable than us in the whole city. Not only we are saying, but also our  50+ tenants among which many with 7+ years of togetherness are also validating the value they are getting against the amount they contribute at QUBE. Not only the Tenants but we even have with us the well-wishes of there clients. Explore our re-defined office spaces :